Hi there!
Tea.lab is an 'all over the place'-blog, written by me: Elise. I'm a 21 y/o English / Flemish Sign Language student from Antwerp and I love life. I also have no idea what I'm doing most of the time and intend to keep it that way. As for blogging, I'm still trying to figure out my style/focal point, so ATM I'm just posting things which I love or am passionate about. It's hard to let you get to know me via a few words, that's why I've listed 10 things which are typically me:

#1 I'm a bibliobibuli
#2 My viability is measured in coffee cups
#3 television series are for binge watching
#4 My PJ's are my standard uniform
#5 I prefer books to reality
#6 I don't "like" something, I obsess
#7 I change outfits up to 4 times a day
#8 I speak sarcasm fluently 
#9 I prefer vinyl over iTunes 
#10 I like making lists

I also love pizza, fluffy puppies, my boyfriend Rory and winning imaginary arguments.

Thank you for visiting my blog, feel free to look around or contact me.
Have a nice day!


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