maandag 15 december 2014

Looking back: a visit to Villa Les Rhumbs

The year is almost over, perfect timing to get nostalgic and take a trip down memory lane. I can't believe time went by this fast! One of my favourite moments of 2014 was paying a visit to Villa Les Rhumbs, Musée Christian Dior.

Christian Dior grew up in Granville, a small town in Normandy, France. There, the house which he grew up in, called Villa Les Rhumbs, is still standing thanks to the French ministry of culture and communication. Upon arrival, you see the beautiful garden of Villa Les Rhumbs, it is full of flowers and has a magnificent view over the ocean. In the middle of the estate is the charming pink villa.

The garden is filled with flowers, and everywhere are tiny 'smelling boxes', these boxes have the name of a Dior perfume on it and you can open them and smell the perfume. The boxes contain the flowers used in the perfumes, it was just addicting! So much to see, so much to smell..

After wandering through the garden for a while, I decided to take a look inside the villa. There, some of his collections were shown and also a lot of photographs displaying Dior couture. I enjoyed every second of it, just walking around and gazing upon these beautiful collections, dresses, hats and coats. It was dreamy. 

Upon my visit at Villa Les Rhumbs I had a continuous tingle in my tummy, it was so wonderful to be there, almost magical for a couture lover like myself. The three floors packed with his collections, stories and photographs is something I will never forget. 

What is your favourite moment of 2014? Have you ever been to Villa Les Rhumbs, or would you like to? Let me know in the comments below!

Hope you have a fashionable day,


Some proof that I was actually there ;-)

ps: sorry for the crappy photo's, it was very dark in there to protect the clothes, plus they were all behind glass so it was hard to take a decent picture. Anyway, I tried and the photo's are all my own so that counts for something I think :-)

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  1. This looks so cool!! I'd absolutely love to go :) it must be so nice to live on the continent so that you can get countries easily - I live in the UK so I always have to get a boat or plane :O do you do a lot of travelling?
    Lizzie xx