zondag 19 oktober 2014

Mata Traders Dress

I am so happy with my recent buy: a patterned Mata Traders dress. It's very retro and playful, and good for any occasion. Also, I like the cut-outs on the collar. 
I'm wearing CuplĂ© Retro shoes. 
Oh, and I had my hair cut real short, but I'm absolutely loving it. I used to think I couldn't combine short hair with a feminine look, but it turns out I was wrong! A little hint of lipstick and a pretty dress are all it takes to feel and look girly. 

When I don't know how to pose, I just start dancing, I think it portrays my personality rather well when I saw the results of my rock 'n rolling.

 Do you think being girly and having short hair match? Would you ever cut your hair really short?

Hope you enjoyed my post,
Have a nice sunday!!


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